Enjoy African Foods without worrying about your health!

Spice Up Your Life – Dive into Delicious & Healthy African Cuisine with New U Now’s Masterclass!

Craving the vibrant flavors of Africa but worried about your health? Forget bland diets and boring salads! New U Now’s revolutionary African Foods Masterclass is your passport to a world of culinary delights, without sacrificing your well-being. This ain’t your mama’s cooking class – it’s a wellness revolution disguised as finger-lickin’ good recipes.

Tired of asking:

  • Is African food good for weight loss?
  • Are African foods healthy?
  • What makes African food different?

Discover the answer with expert-led guidance! The masterclass unlocks the secrets to transforming your favorite West African foods and national dishes into guilt-free masterpieces. Master health hacks to conquer high blood pressure, navigate metabolic imbalances, and nourish your organs with kidney-friendly and liver-loving recipes.

This 4-week journey offers:

  • Secret ingredient swaps for healthy indulgences in dishes like Jollof Rice and Egusi Soup.
  • Diabetes-friendly cooking methods and recipes.
  • Expert tips from top nutritionists to fuel your body and feel fantastic.
  • supportive community of health-conscious foodies cheering you on.

Don’t settle for bland! Embark on a spice-filled adventure with:

  • Live sessions: Sundays, February 18th – March 10th (North America) OR Mondays, February 19th – March 11th (Africa & UK).
  • Expert-guided meal plans and cooking techniques.
  • Access to delicious and healthy recipes from across Africa.

Special offer! Register before February 10th and save!

Ready to:

  • Explore the most popular African food with a health twist?
  • Live life to the fullest flavor, the healthy way?

Visit https://newunow.org/african-foods-masterclass/ today and claim your spot!


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